The farewell to summer, is a recreational-sports-cultural manifestation held in Marina di Ragusa between the first and the second weekend of the month of September. The event is a traditional event to give a salute to the summer season, for two days sport, culture and traditional cuisine are a lure for both Ragusa and for many tourists. In the seaside resort you can visit exhibitions and antiques, and attend parades of vintage cars and recreational and sporting events of all kinds.

During the festivities you can taste the traditional dishes of the cuisine iblea (gouged sauce pork, sausage etc.) At the booths set up in the main square. The various editions, have occurred over the years, they have had a growing participation of the public, especially in the highlight event on Saturday and precisely during the Festival of Fireworks that has now reached a technical level really appreciable.

Solemnity of the Baptist with great concourse of people from ‘June 11 to June 24, followed by the eighth end, in Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa). The cult was introduced in the ‘200 by the Knights of Malta and continued by the Brotherhood founded in 1587.
And ‘the June 11, is 13.30, the churchyard is full of people waiting for the opening of the festivities: the Mother Church we hear the pounding of the bell announcing the people the solemn expectation; and behold: the pounding magically turns into festive flared, which is repeated in all the churches of the town, the band plays a traditional march in the square in front, accompanied by 24-gun salute. So he begins the solemn “dodicina” of praise in preparation for the feast that is divided respectively in a first novenario animated by the Brotherhood and the solemn triduum preached by talented speakers, who came especially from distant places; these days the Church is the destination of pilgrims who, until late evening, perform the so-called “viaddiu” that usually ends with the lighting of a small candle. Obviously there are the sacred rites solemnized by traditional songs, in which the church is packed with faithful and parade celebrating the occasion. During the first two days of the solemn triduum (21-22 June) the band as in all festivals, parades through the main streets of the city, performing in Piazza Duomo and at the conclusion of the sacred rites, in the churchyard of St. John , there, during this evening, entertainment of various kinds.
On June 23, a solemn vigil, already in the early hours of the morning the church was packed with faithful who offer their day at Baptist reciting prayers and the traditional “Rosary of St. John”, an ancient prayer dialect, many penitential liturgies during the morning and countless expressions of faith by the people as the “viaddiu scausu”, consisting in arriving to church barefoot offering a candle usually of considerable size to the saint, so much wax that burns in that solemn day like so many graces largite through the intercession of the saint. And ‘noon, all the bells ring in celebration of the city accompanied by the band and by fuochi.Tradizione offer fasting, feeding only of broad beans (food devotional Santo) for lunch. In the early afternoon, the church was decorated for the solemn evening functions, while the dean blesses the “votes” of Santoconsistenti in a red blouse trimmed with white, to be worn throughout the year but especially on the feast day; in the late afternoon, the body Bandistico visit the main churches of the City. E ‘already almost dark, the church and the church courtyard are full of devotees who look forward to the so-called “Unveiled”, while the Mayor and the civil and military authorities from the Town Hall accompanied by Banner pay homage to the patron saint,
Inside the church are burning hundreds of candles and shining gold and silver, all colored by colorful flowers, everything is shrouded in total darkness, sunset comes the clergy from the sacristy and kneel before the altar, the organ intones the litany, This is the most awaited moment of the celebration, hearts beating and his eyes are full of tears, finally the chorus, litanies, calls on the name of the saint, and here takes the revealed: it opens the veil that covered the statue of the saint, a deafening scream rises from the people, “Battista Viva”; Suddenly the lights come on, the bells ring in celebration, mortars firing incessantly accompanied by the Band. How many requests for intercession at that time and many thanks interceded through him.
After some frantic enthusiasm, everything calms down and begin the solemn vespers at the conclusion continue Visits of faithful that will last all night, because the church will remain open until the next night. The whole town is festively decorated with beautiful lights and hundreds of banners, red background with white Maltese cross, flutter from the balconies of palaces and houses. The main street is full of street vendors, the characteristic turrunari, presenting various delicacies, delight children and simintara with their caratteristichebancarelle multicolored, embellished with garlands of colored paper, inevitable Santuzza the Baptist surrounded levivande offers dall’ambulante what seeds roasted pumpkin, roasted chickpeas, hazelnuts … The staircase is a painting of St. John the night with thousands of multicolored lights that form a figure relating to the devotion of the Baptist, while in Piazza Duomo prepare the shows accompanying the Solemn Vigil. At the stroke of midnight, it is customary to consume between confrati lamb, in a common banquet used at the premises of the church.
During Christmas Eve, is tradition in families perform a ritual called “Mister U re the uovu”, which is to fill a transparent container with water and pour in egg white, then recited a Pater-Ave- Gloria asking a favor and if it was granted the egg white, into the water, takes shape in silhouettes of figures relating to the party; popular beliefs between the sacred and the profane confirm the ancient cult to the saint. Throughout the night, the people and especially the confrati watch reciting the ‘inevitable aforementioned Rosario. Finally on June 24, the Solemnity of St. John, from the very first hours of dawn begin the fuochie the succession of the Holy Mass, with the continuous influx of pilgrims, coming from the districts of the City and neighboring countries who bring their offerings to the Baptist in the church they are distributed holy pictures of the saint and the so-called “nzareddi” (red ribbons that touching the statue receive a blessing fully popular, which are tied at the wrists and hung in homes or in cars). Do not miss the parades of the Band, in the morning through the main streets; at 11:00 am we celebrate the Mass called “Panegyric” usually celebrated by the Bishop. Obviously at 12.00 not miss the fireworks and the merry band marches. At 14:30 the church is transformed into a square, the central nave is freed from the banks because it is necessary for space latraslazione the statue from its chapel to the nave for the evening procession, it is brought into the church a fercolo, consisting of two long wooden beams interspersed with stringers of the same material, between the shouts of cheer and joy to all the people who invade the aisles of the temple, dozens of people take place under the huge fercolo that between a “Baptist W” is raised and brought to the shoulder the center of the church for the veneration of the faithful, all accompanied by the sound of bells, the band and the shot of the fires. Next to the statue is a miracle worker placed a staircase with a wooden walkway to allow the faithful to touch the statue. Children are presented to the Baptist making him touch the venerated simulacrum. 18.30 A delegation of the Brotherhood accompanies the rich and immense banner, embroidered in gold and crowned with a silver tip bearing the cross of Malta, led ably by a confrate with iltradizionale dress (white coat, red track to life, red cape with white Maltese cross on his left shoulder and white cap) and going in the Church of San Vito where the brotherhood of the same name will bring in offering a huge candle, commonly called torch, decorated with flowers and bearing the symbols of the brotherhood. The two standards of the respective brotherhoods, will greet sagging and touching each other; on the way, or the Church of San Vito Church of the Baptist parade side by side (in other occasions proceed one after the other) as a sign of brotherhood, they will follow the candle, led by the Brotherhood of San Vito ; arrived in the church will be lit between shouts of acclamation before the statue, where the launches are willing gliex vote offered to Santo over the Centuries.
The time is 20:00, the square is packed with faithful who are eagerly awaiting the event, ring the trumpets between a drum roll, which proclaim the spectacular exit of San Giovanni: from the upper floors of the facade are launched thousands and thousands of ribbons red and white paper called “nzareddi”, the incessant bombardio mortars and the deafening sound of the band, welcome the miracle-working effigy in the churchyard, a short burst of “joy Baroque” between a people cheering and emotion; begins the procession in which all the brotherhoods of the City with their banners, the clergy, the civil and military authorities as well as the people around; Whether they read in certain episodes of the Gospel which speak of the earthly life of the Baptist interspersed with traditional songs. During laprocessione visit to the churches of Santa Maria de Jesus and San Vito; later in the evening the procession enters triumphantly all in Piazza Duomo, where a skilled orator track the “figure of the Baptist”, as an example of faith and holiness, soon after resumed the procession, ending with the solemn entry of the statue in their church between screams acclamation, fires, chimes, music and the majestic sound of the organ. The evening ends with fireworks unmagnifico.
From June 25 to ‘1 July will solemnizes the eighth end where every night you expose the Blessed Sacrament in the church and ends with the solemn Eucharistic Procession of’ 1 July, attended by all the religious authorities and the brotherhoods with their banners, caratteriristiche the cappelluzze decorated with tapestries and festoons, in the route of the procession, which is Benediction. The return of the procession, after the blessing, is the veiled statue of St. John. On the Sunday “infraottava” there is lavendita enchantment of the gifts offered to the Baptist, known in the jargon “dinner”, consisting of animals such as chickens, rabbits, sheep, pigs, and typical of rural culture such as oil, wine, cheese, cold cuts and fruit.
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